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Sandy Turkington

Medium / Angel Intuitive / Minister / Energy Work

Born with abilities, combined with an intuitive, compassionate and nurturing approach, I have over 40 years of research-based education and experience, with a genuine desire to help those in need.

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands


Sandy Turkington

Medium, Angel Worker

Beautifully awakened by the loving grace of the divine, I have been given the gifts of mediumship, healing, and connecting to the spirit realm since birth. I hear, see, feel, and know spirit/angels. Living a spiritual life, I look at everyone with the divine and loving essence in which they came from. I connect and teach with loved ones, angels, guides and energy in a loving and safe environment. We are limitless beings having a human experience with many lessons to learn and I am here to assist.

When doing a reading, I will always ask both spirit and you what you/they want or need. I then assist both of you. It may be a reading, energy work, or healing. I welcome whatever is needed. You will feel the results of the energy and/or contacts, especially with an attunement. On my list is also house blessings, weddings and clearing unwanted energy. I am a prayer author of  "The Last Breathe", "365 Days of Angel Prayers”, “111 Morning Meditations”, and “2018 Spiritual Leaders” Directory.

Gratefully, I have been doing this work for over 37 years with the same compassion and love. Blending with these beloved angels and souls, it constantly amazes me how intelligent they are. They have such wonderful energy, it brings peace to each person differently.


Medium / Angel Intuitive / Minister / Energy Work

Seeing spirits as a child, then what began as a sincere and deep connection to angels, developed into an journey of my own spirituality. From there, I decided to seek educational opportunities in hopes that I could share what I've learned to others. I continue to practice as I am always keeping updated with new areas of knowledge.

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Protection Spray

used for house blessings and negativity.

Protection Spray - $15 2 oz/$20 4oz

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Angelic Spray

used for house blessings and negativity.

Archangel spray - $15 2 oz/$20 4oz



"I thank Sandy Turkington for her beautiful way of teaching Beginner Mediumship. I came with doubt about my ability, but she immediately put me at ease and guided me to being able to do it. She made me feel very safe and her knowledge of what to do helped me realize that this gift was right there within reach."

- Barb Petersen


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